Plinko MasterMOD (Unlimited Gacha/Items, Unlocked Characters) v1.6.11

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4、�<p>Netmarble is one of the biggest names in mobile gaming, having put out some of the most popular titles of the last few years, but now it's looking to enter the console market with a Nintendo Switch spinoff to Seven Knights, its hit RPG.</p><p>It's said to have been highly optimised for the new platform, and it'll feature all-new control and battle systems. Interestingly, this isn't just a spruced-up port; instead, you can expect an original story campaign.</p><p>It's set to launch worldwide as a digital-only title via the Nintendo eShop, and it won't include any mobile-like gacha systems. Rather than character unlocks being put to chance, you'll unlock new heroes by making story progress.</p><p>The original version of Seven Knight first launched back in 2014. Since then, it's been downloaded over 60 million times. Not bad. There are currently around 700 characters to collect as you go about completing missions and beating baddies in the game's turn-based combat encounters.</p>

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