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<p>Over the weekend, Chucklefish CEO/Designer Finn Brice - AKA Tiyuri - received a little bit of backlash after providing a 'non-update' update (as some called it) on his Twitter. In response, Brice took to Reddit to give us a bare-bones summary of what this situation is like on their end. <p>We're not expecting it to be much longer before we can give you some solid SDV news. Still waiting ourselves, but things are looking good— Tiy (@Tiyuri) September 15, 2017 After the original Tweet was met with a mixture of positive and more negative responses, Brice then took to Reddit to push the info-train a little further.</p><p>"Realistically we're trying to get it to everyone as soon as we can, there are a few things involved in that process. First the game has to pass through lot check, a process that is out of our hands and essentially takes as long as it takes. Second, we have to ensure we get a release slot agreement from all parties involved."</p><p>"So far lot check is looking really good, nothing has come up that needs fixing. Does that mean it absolutely won't? No, because otherwise we'd be picking a release window already. But it's a very good sign and that's all I was trying to convey to people, as part of my promise to keep everyone up to date."</p><p>Check out the full post here, and we'll keep you updated as per usual.</p>.

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