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<p>Rocketcat is known for putting out quality titles. They're the makers of Wayward Souls (to which we gave a rare 10/10), Punch Quest, Mage Gauntlet and more. So they know how to make games.</p><p>More than two years ago, they announced Death Road to Canada, a beat-them-all mixed with a rogue-like. You'll explore randomly generated levels in which you gather loot, ammo and food and find new survivor that will help you beat some undeads' butts.</p><p>You'll also need to make choices that will influence what happens and if everyone lives or dies. Pretty important stuff then.</p><p>Progress has been slow on the title and we know that it's coming to PC first with mobile later down the road but we finally have more gameplay footage.It showcases an entire level being searched and a sneak peek at what the interface will look like in between levels with food and fuel used as ressources.</p>.

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