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&#;Legend of Treasure - Fantasy Land of Gold & Arrow! Mod Legend of Treasure - Fantasy Land of Gold & Arrow! Mod APK 2.0.14 Features:The built-in taking menu is required to give a floating window, and the lattice will be improved. Tips Frame Point Screen Other places Other Option1. Buy.2. A lot of blood.3. Go to Ban1. required4. Go to Ban2. required5. Go to update.Required attention: First break network, enter the game and then connect (otherwise you can't get into the game)Legend of Treasure

Game features:

1、�The Shepherd and the Dog


3、Leslie had gone back into the house and now met them at the front door. She greeted Owen Ford with cold civility, and told him in a business-like tone that his room and his supper were ready for him. Dick, with a pleased grin, shambled upstairs with the valise, and Owen Ford was installed as an inmate of the old house among the willows.�


Game play:


2、�Would yet again betray the fore-betrayed,

3、Though slackly braided in loose negligence.The Dogs and the Fox


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