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<p>French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote that "Hell is other people." But it seems that strategy game studios Slitherine and Hunted Cow disagree with that notion.</p><p>"Hell is a turn-based tactical skirmish strategy game," the two studios claim on the App Store page for Hell: Fight for Gilrand.</p><p>I'm not so sure that quotation will catch on as much as Sartre's has. But maybe the game it refers to will.</p><p>In Hell: Fight for Gilrand, you get the choice to fight for the Order of Radiance or the Demons of Hell as each army tries to conquer each battlefield.</p><p>Your part in this is commanding units. There are Paladins and Gryphon Riders on one side, Demonic Hellions and Hellhounds on the other. Each unit has a specific role so you'll need to make the most of it.</p>.

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